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Graduate School of Nursing Department of Nursing Lecturer
School of Nursing Department of Nursing
Institute of Nursing
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Abeno Campus


  • Graduate School of Nursing Department of Nursing 

    Lecturer  2023.04 - Now

  • School of Nursing Department of Nursing 

    Lecturer  2023.04 - Now


  • 博士(人間健康科学) ( Kyoto University )

  • 修士(人間健康科学) ( Kyoto University )

  • 学士(人間健康科学) ( Kyoto University )

Research Areas

  • Life Science / Clinical nursing

Research Interests

  • 食行動

  • 食欲

  • 肥満

Professional Memberships

  • 日本看護教育学会

    2019.06 - Now

  • 日本肥満学会

    2016.07 - Now

  • 日本神経内分泌学会

    2015.04 - Now

  • 日本糖尿病教育・看護学会

    2010.05 - Now

Committee Memberships (off-campus)

  • 専任査読委員   日本糖尿病教育・看護学会  

    2018.09 - Now 


  • 若手研究奨励賞

    2015.09   日本神経内分泌学会  

  • トラベルグラント

    2015.09   日本神経内分泌学会  

Job Career (off-campus)

  • 京都大学   医学部看護学科   非常勤講師


  • Kyoto University   Graduate School of Medicine Human Health Sciences   Assistant Professor

    2017.02 - 2023.03

  • Kyoto University   Graduate School of Medicine

    2016.04 - 2017.02


  • Kyoto University   Doctor's Course   Accomplished credits for doctoral program

    2013.04 - 2016.03

  • Kyoto University   Master's Course   Graduated/Completed

    2011.04 - 2013.03


  • Impaired leptin responsiveness in the nucleus accumbens of leptin-overexpressing transgenic mice with dysregulated sucrose and lipid preference independent of obesity.

    Hidenari Nomura, Cheol Son, Daisuke Aotani, Yoshiyuki Shimizu, Goro Katsuura, Michio Noguchi, Toru Kusakabe, Tomohiro Tanaka, Takashi Miyazawa, Kiminori Hosoda, Kazuwa Nakao

    Neuroscience research   177   94 - 102   2022.04

     More details

    Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)   International / domestic magazine:International journal  

    While hypothalamic leptin resistance can occur prior to establishment of obesity, clarification is needed as to whether the impaired response to leptin in the reward-related nuclei occurs independently of obesity. To answer this question, we attempted to dissociate the normally coexisting leptin resistance from obesity. We investigated phenotypes of leptin-overexpressing transgenic mice fed for 1 week with 60 % high-fat diet (HFD) (LepTg-HFD1W mice). After 1 week, we observed that LepTg-HFD1W mice weighed as same as wild type (WT) mice fed standard chow diet (CD) for 1 week (WT-CD1W mice). However, compared to WT-CD1W mice, LepTg-HFD1W mice exhibited attenuated leptin-induced anorexia, decreased leptin-induced c-fos immunostaining in nucleus accumbens (NAc), one of important site of reward system, decreased leptin-stimulated pSTAT3 immunostaining in hypothalamus. Furthermore, neither sucrose nor lipid preference was suppressed by leptin in LepTg-HFD1W mice. On the contrary, leptin significantly suppressed both preferences in WT mice fed HFD (WT-HFD1 W mice). These results indicate that leptin responsiveness decreases in NAc independently of obesity. Additionally, in this situation, suppressive effect of leptin on the hedonic feeding results in impaired regulation. Such findings suggest the impaired leptin responsiveness in NAc partially contributes to dysregulated hedonic feeding behavior independently of obesity.

    DOI: 10.1016/j.neures.2021.12.007


  • 40歳未満成人2型糖尿病患者の治療中断とヘルスリテラシーの関連 Reviewed

    村内千代, 清水彬礼, 任和子

    糖尿病   63 ( 5 )   324 - 330   2020.05( ISSN:0021-437X

     More details

    Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)  


    Other URL: https://search.jamas.or.jp/index.php?module=Default&action=Link&pub_year=2020&ichushi_jid=J00926&link_issn=&doc_id=20200609420002&doc_link_id=10.11213%2Ftonyobyo.63.324&url=https%3A%2F%2Fdoi.org%2F10.11213%2Ftonyobyo.63.324&type=J-STAGE&icon=https%3A%2F%2Fjk04.jamas.or.jp%2Ficon%2F00007_2.gif

  • Role of leptin in conditioned place preference to high-fat diet in leptin-deficient ob/ob mice Reviewed

    Yoshiyuki Shimizu, Cheol Son, Daisuke Aotani, Hidenari Nomura, Takatoshi Hikida, Kiminori Hosoda, Kazuwa Nakao

    NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS   640   60 - 63   2017.02( ISSN:0304-3940

     More details

    Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)   International / domestic magazine:International journal  

    Leptin is an adipocyte-derived anorexic hormone that exerts its effects via the hypothalamus and other brain regions, including the reward system. Leptin-deficient ob/ob mice that present morbid obesity, hyperphagia, insulin resistance, and infertility are one of the most investigated mouse models of obesity. Conditioned place preference (CPP) paradigm is a standard behavioral model to evaluate the rewarding value of substrates. While leptin is reported to decrease the CPP of lean mice for high fat diet (HFD), it is unknown how CPP toward HFD is affected by leptin replacement in the pathophysiological condition of ob/ob mice. In the present study, we performed the CPP test in order to clarify the effect of leptin on the preference of ob/ob mice for HFD. ob/ob mice had a significantly higher HFD preference in CPP test when compared with wild-type (WT) mice and this preference was suppressed to the levels comparable to the WT mice by leptin replacement with or without normalization of body weight. These results demonstrate that leptin decreases the reward value of HFD independently of obesity, suggesting that leptin reduces food intake by suppressing the hedonic feeding pathway in ob/ob mice. (C) 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

    DOI: 10.1016/j.neulet.2017.01.033


    Other URL: http://orcid.org/0000-0003-4378-4899

  • Reevaluation of anti-obesity action of mazindol and elucidation of its effect on the reward system Reviewed

    Daisuke Aotani, Cheol Son, Yoshiyuki Shimizu, Hidenari Nomura, Takatoshi Hikida, Toru Kusakabe, Tomohiro Tanaka, Takashi Miyazawa, Kiminori Hosoda, Kazuwa Nakao

    NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS   633   141 - 145   2016.10( ISSN:0304-3940

     More details

    Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)   International / domestic magazine:International journal  

    In this study, we evaluated the preventive effect of mazindol on the development of obesity and sought to elucidate the drug's effects on the reward system. In mice, body weight gain and hyperphagia induced by high-fat diet (HFD) were decreased by 38.6% and 13.9%, respectively, by subcutaneous infusion bf mazindol (1.5 mg/kg/day) for 28 days. A single intraperitoneal administration of mazindol (1.5 mg/kg) significantly reduced lipid preference, as assessed using the two-bottle preference paradigm (vehicle, 89.98 +/- 1.66%; mazindol, 75.65 +/- 5.47%; p < 0.05). In addition, the conditioned place preference (CPP) test demonstrated that mazindol (1.5 mg/kg) significantly decreased CPP score for HFD as compared with vehicle (vehicle, 330.44 +/- 58.61 s; mazindol, 144.72 +/- 43.02 s; p < 0.05). Moreover, at the dose required for these effects, mazindol did not elicit abuse potential or induce psychostimulant-like behavior. These results confirm that mazindol prevents diet-induced obesity without addictive behavior and demonstrate that its action is mediated at least in part via the reward system, advancing our understanding of mazindol in clinical practice. (C) 2016 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

    DOI: 10.1016/j.neulet.2016.09.014



    Other URL: http://orcid.org/0000-0003-4378-4899

  • Color Record in Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose Improves Glycemic Control by Better Self-Management Reviewed

    Akiko Nishimura, Shin-ichi Harashima, Ikumi Honda, Yoshiyuki Shimizu, Norio Harada, Kazuaki Nagashima, Akihiro Hamasaki, Kiminori Hosoda, Nobuya Inagaki

    DIABETES TECHNOLOGY & THERAPEUTICS   16 ( 7 )   447 - 453   2014.07( ISSN:1520-9156

     More details

    Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)  

    Background: Color affects emotions, feelings, and behaviors. We hypothesized that color used in self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) is helpful for patients to recognize and act on their glucose levels to improve glycemic control. Here, two color-indication methods, color record (CR) and color display (CD), were independently compared for their effects on glycemic control in less frequently insulin-treated type 2 diabetes.
    Subjects and Methods: One hundred twenty outpatients were randomly allocated to four groups with 2 x 2 factorial design: CR or non-CR and CD or non-CD. Blood glucose levels were recorded in red or blue pencil in the CR arm, and a red or blue indicator light on the SMBG meter was lit in the CD arm, under hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia, respectively. The primary end point was difference in glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) reduction in 24 weeks. Secondary end points were self-management performance change and psychological state change.
    Results: HbA1c levels at 24 weeks were significantly decreased in the CR arm by -0.28% but were increased by 0.03% in the non-CR arm (P = 0.044). In addition, diet and exercise scores were significantly improved in the CR arm compared with the non-CR arm. The exercise score showed significant improvement in the CD arm compared with the non-CD arm but without a significant difference in HbA1c reduction. Changes in psychological states were not altered between the arms.
    Conclusions: CR has a favorable effect on self-management performance without any influence on psychological stress, resulting in improved glycemic control in type 2 diabetes patients using less frequent insulin injection. Thus, active but not passive usage of color-indication methods by patients is important in successful SMBG.

    DOI: 10.1089/dia.2013.0301



    Other URL: http://orcid.org/0000-0003-4378-4899

Books and Other Publications

  • Q&A生活習慣病の科学Neo(中尾一和 編)

    清水 彬礼( Role: Contributor)

    京都大学学術出版会  2016.12 

  • エビデンスに基づく糖尿病・代謝・内分泌看護ケア関連図(任和子・細田公則 編集)

    清水 彬礼( Role: Contributor)

    中央法規出版株式会社  2015.11 


  • 【基礎疾患・患者背景をとらえた看護過程のポイントBOOK】(Part 2)生活習慣の影響をふまえて考える 主疾患+肥満

    清水 彬礼

    プチナース   32 ( 11別冊付録 )   20 - 21   2023.09( ISSN:1344-8722

  • 公開!私たちのオリジナル学内演習・院内研修用動画(第1回) あいさつの場面から看護する視点を学ぶ

    清水 彬礼, 内藤 知佐子, 森西 可菜子, 浦井 祐希, 石川 恵子, 根本 真理子, 山本 梓, 任 和子

    看護展望   47 ( 2 )   0142 - 0145   2022.02( ISSN:0385-549X

  • オンライン授業の名手清水彬礼(ヨシユキ)先生がおくる 必ず使えるZoomの凄技!


    看護師のためのWebマガジン かんかん!   2020.07

  • 【糖尿病があったら? 喫煙していたら? 超高齢者なら?看護過程 こんなときどうする?】(part 2)状況別に解決!こんなときどうする? 主疾患+肥満

    清水 彬礼

    プチナース   29 ( 7 )   35 - 35   2020.05( ISSN:1344-8722

  • 【適切なアセスメントができる!患者さんに合ったケアにつながる!看護過程に活用できる看護理論】機能的健康パターンによるアセスメント コーピング-ストレス耐性

    清水 彬礼

    Nursing Canvas   6 ( 7 )   34 - 35   2018.06( ISSN:2187-6622 ( eISSN:2432-129X


  • 慢性心不全患者における急激な体重増加による症状知覚の要因探索とマネジメント行動の関連

    齊藤 旬平, 加藤 恵理, 清水 彬礼, 石川 恵子, 宋 霄楊, 加藤 貴雄, 塩見 紘樹, 魚住 龍史, 木村 剛, 任 和子

    日本心臓病学会学術集会抄録  2022.09  (一社)日本心臓病学会

  • 減量のための食事量を制限する自己効力感に影響する要因の検討

    石川 恵子, 細田 公則, 清水 彬礼

    肥満研究  2022.03  (一社)日本肥満学会

  • A Survery of weight gain perception in patients with chronic heart failure.

    Shumpei Saito, Eri Toda Kato, Takao Kato, Hiroki Shiomi, Ryuji Uozumi, Yoshiyuki Shimizu, Takeshi Kimura, Kazuko Nin

    EAFONS 2020  2020.01 

  • 看護技術教育における触譜の利用

    鈴木泰博, 清水彬礼, 任和子

    日本看護学教育学会誌  2019.08 

  • 20代成人における共食による総咀嚼回数の変化の検討~準ランダム化クロスオーバー試験~

    青木瑛子, 清水彬礼, 任 和子

    第7回日本公衆衛生看護学会学術集会  2019.01 

  • ob/obマウスのコカイン嗜好に関する検討

    清水 彬礼, 孫 徹, 青谷 大介, 野村 英生, 疋田 貴俊, 細田 公則, 中尾 一和

    日本内分泌学会雑誌  2017.01  (一社)日本内分泌学会

  • Development of ghrelin transgenic mice for elucidation of clinical implication of ghrelin

    Daisuke Aotani, Hiroyuki Ariyasu, Satoko Shimazu-Kuwahara, Yoshiyuki Shimizu, Hidenari Nomura, Yoshiteru Murofushi, Kentaro Kaneko, Ryota Izumi, Masaki Matsubara, Hajime Kanda, Michio Noguchi, Tomohiro Tanaka, Toru Kusakabe, Takashi Miyazawa, Kazuwa Nakao


     More details

    To elucidate the clinical implication of ghrelin, we have been trying to generate variable models of transgenic (Tg) mice overexpressing ghrelin. We generated Tg mice overexpressing des-acyl ghrelin in a wide variety of tissues under the control of beta-actin promoter. While plasma des-acyl ghrelin level in the Tg mice was 44-fold greater than that of control mice, there was no differences in the plasma ghrelin level between des-acyl ghrelin Tg and the control mice. The des-acyl ghrelin Tg mice exhibited the lower body weight and the shorter body length due to modulation of GH-IGF-1 axis. We tried to generate Tg mice expressing a ghrelin analog, which possessed ghrelin-like activity (Trp(3)-ghrelin Tg mice). The plasma Trp(3)-ghrelin concentration in Trp(3)-ghrelin Tg mice was approximately 85-fold higher than plasma ghrelin (acylated ghrelin) concentration seen in the control mice. Because Trp(3)-ghrelin is approximately 24-fold less potent than ghrelin, the plasma Trp(3)-ghrelin concentration in Trp(3)-ghrelin Tg mice was calculated to have approximately 3.5-fold biological activity greater than that of ghrelin (acylated ghrelin) in the control mice. Trp(3)-ghrelin Tg mice did not show any phenotypes except for reduced insulin sensitivity in 1-year old. After the identification of ghrelin O-acyltransferase (GOAT), we generated doubly Tg mice overexpressing both mouse des-acyl ghrelin and mouse GOAT in the liver by cross-mating the two kinds of Tg mice. The plasma ghrelin concentration of doubly Tg mice was approximately 2-fold higher than that of the control mice. No apparent phenotypic changes in body weight and food intake were observed in doubly Tg mice. Further studies are ongoing in our laboratory to generate Tg mice with the increased plasma ghrelin level to a greater extent. The better understanding of physiological and pathophysiological significance of ghrelin from experiments using an excellent animal model may provide a new therapeutic approach for human diseases.

  • レプチン抵抗性の発症におけるオピオイドシグナルの意義

    青谷 大介, 孫 徹, 清水 彬礼, 野村 英生, 疋田 貴俊, 細田 公則, 中尾 一和

    肥満研究  2016.09  (一社)日本肥満学会

  • ob/obマウスの高脂肪食嗜好性はレプチンによって低下する

    清水 彬礼, 孫 徹, 青谷 大介, 野村 英生, 疋田 貴俊, 細田 公則, 中尾 一和

    肥満研究  2016.09  (一社)日本肥満学会

  • マジンドールは脂質嗜好性の低下により肥満を抑制する

    青谷 大介, 孫 徹, 清水 彬礼, 野村 英生, 疋田 貴俊, 細田 公則, 中尾 一和

    糖尿病  2016.04  (一社)日本糖尿病学会

  • Increased conditioned preference to fat in ob/ob mice was reversed by chronic leptin treatment.

    Shimizu Y, Son Chole, Aotani D, Nomura H, Hikida T, Hosoda K, Nakao K

    obesity week  2015.11 

     More details

    Presentation type:Oral presentation (general)  

  • ob/obマウスの脂質に対する嗜好性はレプチンの補充投与によって低下する

    清水彬礼, 清水彬礼, 孫徹, 青谷大介, 野村英生, 疋田貴俊, 細田公則, 中尾一和

    日本内分泌学会雑誌  2015.09  (一社)日本内分泌学会

  • 肥満ではレプチン抵抗性によってコカインに対する反応性が亢進する

    青谷大介, 孫徹, 清水彬礼, 清水彬礼, 野村英生, 疋田貴俊, 細田公則, 中尾一和

    肥満研究  2015.09  (一社)日本肥満学会

  • レプチン抵抗性は肥満とは独立して報酬系の異常を引き起こす

    野村英生, 野村英生, 孫徹, 青谷大介, 清水彬礼, 後藤伸子, 勝浦五郎, 日下部徹, 田中智洋, 海老原健, 細田公則, 中尾一和

    肥満研究  2015.09  (一社)日本肥満学会

  • 色彩表示機能付き血糖測定器が血糖コントロールおよび自己管理行動に与える影響

    西村亜希子, 原島伸一, 本田育美, 清水彬礼, 細田公則, 稲垣暢也

    糖尿病  2014.11  (一社)日本糖尿病学会

  • カラー表示を活用した血糖自己測定は自己管理行動と血糖コントロールの改善に寄与する(Color IMPACT study)

    西村亜希子, 原島伸一, 本田育美, 清水彬礼, 細田公則, 稲垣暢也

    糖尿病  2014.04  (一社)日本糖尿病学会

  • Color record in self-monitoring of blood glucose improves glycemic control for insulin-treated type 2 diabetes patients

    Nishimura A, Honda I, Harashima S-I, Shimizu Y, Hosoda K, Inagaki N

    the World Diabetes Congress of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF)  2013.12 

  • Coulor record in self-monitoring of blood glucose improves glycaemic control for insulin-treated type 2 diabetes patients

    Nishimura A, Honda I, Harashima S-I, Shimizu Y, Hosoda K, Inagaki N

    the 49th Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD)  2013.09 

  • 2型糖尿病患者の自己管理行動におけるdistressおよび自己効力感の意義の検討

    清水 彬礼, 本田 育美, 細田 公則

    糖尿病  2013.04  (一社)日本糖尿病学会

  • 2型糖尿病患者における色彩表示を活用した血糖自己測定・記録法の効果に関するランダム化比較試験(Color IMPACT Study)

    西村 亜希子, 本田 育美, 原島 伸一, 清水 彬礼, 細田 公則, 稲垣 暢也

    糖尿病  2013.04  (一社)日本糖尿病学会

  • The effect of color-indicated self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) on glycemic control in type 2 diabetes patients.

    Nishimura A, Honda I, Harashima S-I, Shimizu Y, Hosoda K, Inagaki N

    the 9th International Diabetes Federation Western Pacific Region (IDF-WPR) Congress & the 4th Scientific Meeting ofthe Asian Association for the Study of Diabetes (AASD)  2012.11 

  • 運動やストレス時に選択される飲料水の実態と食行動との関係

    藤升 美都子, 西村 亜希子, 清水 彬礼, 本田 育美

    糖尿病  2012.04  (一社)日本糖尿病学会

  • 健康意識の違いと生活習慣 行動変容ステージ別からの特徴

    上田 容子, 西村 亜希子, 清水 彬礼, 本田 育美, 太田 智美, 桝田 出

    糖尿病  2012.04  (一社)日本糖尿病学会

  • 働く世代の男性における肥満タイプ別にみた生活習慣の特徴

    亀田 由紀, 西村 亜希子, 清水 彬礼, 本田 育美, 太田 智美, 桝田 出

    糖尿病  2012.04  (一社)日本糖尿病学会

  • 糖尿病患者の自己管理におけるアウトカム指標と評価尺度の実態~我が国における調査報告のレビューから~

    清水彬礼, 江川隆子, 澄川真珠子, 本田育美

    日本糖尿病教育・看護学会誌  2010.09 

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Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research

  • 肥満における内臓脂肪蓄積と摂食行動異常にかかわる神経ネットワークの関連の検討

    Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists  2020.04

  • 遅延割引を用いた肥満における摂食行動異常の評価系の検討

    Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists  2018.04

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  • 初年次ゼミナール

    2023   Weekly class   Undergraduate

  • 療養ケアシステム研究特論

    2023   Intensive lecture   Graduate school

  • 卒業研究Ⅰ

    2023   Weekly class   Undergraduate

  • 統合看護実習

    2023   Practical Training   Undergraduate

  • 成人看護学演習Ⅰ

    2023   Weekly class   Undergraduate

  • 療養ケアシステム研究演習1

    2023   Intensive lecture   Graduate school

  • 卒業研究Ⅱ

    2023   Weekly class   Undergraduate

  • 成人看護学実習Ⅰ

    2023   Practical Training   Undergraduate

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  • 生活習慣病看護学II

    Institution:Kyoto University

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    Level:Undergraduate (specialized) 

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  • 第6回ジャーナル・カフェ「カロリー摂取は朝が良い?夜が良い?」  2023

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  • 2022

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  • 肥満の基礎知識 UPDATE

    Role(s): Lecturer

    わかば訪問看護・京都大学大学院人間健康科学・京都府立医科大学付属病院  第8回 在宅に関わる医療者&事例検討会 ~慢性疾患患者さんのケアを考える  2024.02

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